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link to my Blog for my Uni Course in Animation. Hope you enjoy what you see
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enjoy what you see here
United Kingdom
My name is Liam....

I’m a male living in the UK where I’m currently a student learning 3D and interactive Media. I don’t often talk about myself or highly; but I’ll tell you

what I can. Starting with my hobbies and skills:
3D design... (Learning)
Motorbike riding...
And casual walking...
(I’ll update anything new over time)

But I’m not perfect; nor will I ever be. I have minor autism that causes difficulties for me in a few ways; understanding things and talking to new people face to face. I’m a generally a shy person when it comes to new face; but when I get to know anyone I feel far more better and find it easy to talk. I’m self-critical and I’ll always argue in my head with everything I do; epically in drawing, Ju-jitsu and parkour. I’m also a selfless person; I rarely care about myself or what anyone says or does to bully me; I’m just numb to it. But I never tolerate anyone picking or saying things about my friends; I rather help my friends with their problems or sadness rather than tend to my own. It makes me feel better knowing I’m being helpful and there for my friends when they need it.

Speaking of which, I’m possibly a unique and rare person to know; but with that, we all are. I’m a kind hearted person who doesn’t want to hurt his friends; but it doesn’t mean I’m weak. I’m never a weak person; I can be defensive and I have stood up against someone who assaulted my friend.

I’m can be a great guy to chat and hang about with; depending if you wanted too and you saw something of interest about me; but don’t waste your time if you don’t want to chat with me. If you don’t want too; you’re welcome to go as you see fit and I’ll understand.

Things I like:
Sonic the hedgehog (games from the first to most of now, characters, drawing him, underground cartoon series,)
Fan character design (I enjoy this greatly; allowing me to make my own character and put him in sonic’s world)
Asterix and Obelix
Jak and Daxter
Role playing
Devil May Cry
And many more...

I’ll not go into dislikes... I’ll probably do it another time

Through DA I got to know some interesting people and have made many friends. I believe it’s thanks to many of these people that I still draw Soinc Fan art and why I still stay on DA.

:icondivazu: :iconsonicwind-01: :iconslymaster58::iconthedarkestnight51: :iconhyperbolt13: :iconsonicandfriends100: :icontherock2012: :iconandreagolian: :icondawnvalentine101: :iconshadowlance9: :iconartistic-twist: :iconmortenera: :icon123josh: :iconacidicstudios: :iconyardyhoselin: :iconzia-the-fox: :iconsonic--the-hedgehog: :iconjayjaydavenport: :iconnutellachick: :iconmidnightwulfe: :iconmtfoxx3: :iconsparxy-the-fox: :iconimitationhero: :iconresi4ever: :iconpadhraic-mulholland: :iconblaze-the-hedgehog13: :iconevablack01: :iconartmagedtom: :iconsilverthehedgie0330: :iconirmath: :iconstefanthehedgehog:

(Alot of these people I speak to occasionally... i have many other watchers but I just talk to them rarely but still look at their work.)

Role playing friends:
:icondivazu: :iconsonicwind-01: :iconsonicandfriends100: :iconjayjaydavenport:

Friends I know for real:
:iconsparxy-the-fox: :iconimitationhero: :iconnutellachick: :iconpadhraic-mulholland:

Many of these people who watch me have interesting galleries and awesome art work... but to avoid conflict of favouritism I’ll not list everyone; but instead add icons of DA users that I haven’t listed in up above... by all means still look at my friends accounts and view their work as well... everyone has their own skills and styles that’s worth to look at and admire...

So artist I haven’t listed yet that you should also look at:

:iconsokaifanforever: (if you enjoy fan fiction check her out)

:iconraianonzika: :icondogwhitesector: :iconchikafullmetalx2: :iconcardonanavas: :iconcnwsonikkufan: :iconanakonda1331: :icontwulf: :iconroksanath: :iconphoenixsalover: :iconelesis-knight: :iconthatblue-bolt: :iconandreahedgehog:

:heart: My Snowflake :icondivazu::iconliam-the-hedgehog: my one and only :heart: Love you Always~

This is me... and this is who I know well and ask you look them up; you may like what you see if it suits your interest....
This is liam the hedgehog.. saying take care.. till we chat again...

Favourite genre of music: H.Metal, rock, rap, classical
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic, Amy, Asterix, rayman many more
Personal Quote: Take care.

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EvaBlack01 Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hi Liam!! :iconla-plz:
How are you? Long time no hear from you :giggle:
hello ^^ to true that it has been a long time but I've been good. Just busy with uni but good thank you =)

how are you
EvaBlack01 Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yes, I was gossiping your blog, it's great! I want to study animation in college too, it's my dream. You could advise me about this, no? :giggle:

I'm fine, I am somewhat overwhelmed because I have many exams and I despair much, but everything slowly. See if I finish early and I go on vacation or somethingLOL 
Aw that's great to hear you like to take an interest =)... as for teaching you I could give advice ^^ as best as I can but I too I'm still learning.

I wihs you the best of luck for your exams =)

where you thinking of going =D
SonicWind-01 Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa, did your facebook account get hacked? D:
hmm what you mean?
SonicWind-01 Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I think you posted something about winning $1000 lottery ticket? And in some of the comments said it was a hack thing. ^^;
yeah it's just a tag meme in a way. you comment on what I posted, I tag you lol
SLYMaster58 Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
awww I love that icon ^^
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